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Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
in a little bit. joce. >> thanks. cliff hanger continues in washington tonight. democrats and republicans still wrangeling over left lation to avert the so-called fiscal clf tax increase and budget cuts set to go into effect january 1st. we have a report there's no sign of a deal yet. >> reporter: as senators convened in a rare sunday session, they heard this prayer from the senate chaplain. >> look with favor on our nation and save us from self- inflicted wounds. >> reporter: the clock is ticking towards the new year's eve midnight hour when tax hikes and budget cuts swoop down from the fiscal cliff. the two senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell are work on a stopgap bill. >> at some point, the negotiating process, it appears that there are things that stop us from moving forward. i hope we are not there but we are getting close. >> i want everyone to know i am willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner. >> reporter: the legislation would prevent a tax increase for reveille 98% of the -- for roughly 98% of workers extend unemployment benefits and prevent a huge cut in p
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
of washington's kicker. they have a couple of pittsburgh fans in here. they let them in on rare occasion. they said it was absolutely silent in here. they knew better than to cheer against the ravens. they actually brought in the enemy just a moment ago. you are the only redskins fan in here. why did they even let you in? >> you see how bitter they are. shows you the true colors of ravens fans. >> reporter: i can't believe they let you in. the ravens are going to come back from this two weekendtion in a row they take a loss, how do they the turn it around? >> we still got a couple of games. we'll get the momentum, players come back healthy we'll be good to go. >> reporter: talk about the mood in here during that field goal. what was it like? >> it was heartbreaking. we thought they had a chance at missing it. >> reporter: could you hear a pin drop in here? >> yeah. it was pretty bad. >> reporter: and everybody takes a big shot when that field goal goes through? >> there's always next week. >> reporter: and next week the ravens face the broncos at home. these guys here are convinced they'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2